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“My son and I use the fitsquad speed rope. They are just awesome. Highly recommended. Once you get the weight and balance figured out they just fly! But, we were using these on tennis hardcourts which can be abrasive. The jump rope has a very nice coated wire which can easily be adjusted for your own personal preferences. My son already has gone through the covering because of the court surface. So, I looked for a surface to jump on.
This fitness mat is just the ticket. Heavier than anticipated, the mat has an intentional dimpled surface for a non slip use. The mat is about 4 mm thick. It is very rugged yet resilient so it rolls up quite nice and comes with Velcro closures. ( Don’t cut these and throw them out. They are not shipping straps- they’re Velcro.) When you’re done, just roll up the mat and attach the Velcro and your done.

The surface of the mat lets the rope slide freely and I think will last a long time without being chewed up. The mat has a cushioning effect that will definitely help save the joints. On those hot summer days, the mat will be much kinder than the hot surfaces of the courts for stretching and those ” on the ground” parts of the workouts. I’m just now getting use to the new mat. For what we are doing it’s just the right surface. Thank you for making it Fitsquad! And thank you Amazon for the great service.”